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March 28, 2009

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History of the Goji Berry

January 24, 2009

The Oprah Winfrey Show
“Goji: A vitality food that promotes longevity.”

Goji BerriesThe Goji Berry has been prized for generations by Asians to promote good health and longevity. Natives living in the Himalayan Mountains consumed goji berries for long life, often exceeding 100 years. The first known usage of goji is 100 A.D in the Divine Farmer’s Handbook of Natural Medicine. Later, poet Liu Yuxi penned goji’s powers, “the goji nourishes body and soul, drink of the well and enjoy long life.”

Chinese healers swore by Goji and used it profusely with their clients. Lycium barbarum, the Latin name for the wolfberry or goji berry was also used by natural herbalists in Tibet, India and Nepal for hundreds of years.

A woody perennial plant, the Goji plant grows 3-6 feet tall, depending on the conditions. The berries develop from violet-purple cone flowers to oblong, pea-sized, bright red fruit that droop slightly from the stem. Nicknamed “The Red Diamond Fruit”, Goji berries aren’t just red, they are highly prized as well because of their amazing powers.

When Freelife introduced Himalayan Goji Juice globally in 2003, the world went wild for the Red Diamond Fruit. Today, Freelife’s Himalayan Goji Juice is available in nearly thirty countries. Recently, Freelife launched GoChi Juice globally, a goji-based juice that is not only scientifically researched, but also 30% more effective than Himalayan Goji Juice.

Don’t waste any time! Equip your immune system with GoChi Juice today.

Buying Goji Juice: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

November 24, 2008

When you buy anything, everyone wants the best they can buy. Isn’t it the same with nutritional supplements?

When you are buying Goji Juice online, you should check the reliability of the company you are buying from first.


1. The company you buy from needs to be customer oriented. Thus, you should feel that your Goji Juice supplier wants to help you, not just make some money off your order. If you speak to someone before ordering, were they courteous? Have a positive attitude toward your questions? Did they follow through on anything they promised to do?

2. Does the company you order from have fast customer service? Do they have a toll-free number for their customers to call that they actually answer? Many companies use automated answering services, making it harder for clients to get real help and answers. Is the company honest and reliable?

3. Now, let’s take a look at the product itself. How much Goji is actually in the juice this company sells? Many Goji companies are selling juice with just a small percentage of Goji Juice in their product. This means less effect per ounce, and often it means expensive juice! You would want a juice with at least 80-90% Goji in the juice. Goji Juice sometimes has a slightly bitter taste, so it is good to add a small amount of another juice for flavor. As long as the juice is all natural without added sugar, that is fine. Just remember, the more percentage of quality Goji Juice per bottle, the more benefits you’ll feel!

4. You certainly don’t want your juice to have any preservatives or any other synthetic ingredients. Your body cannot process these and it slows down your immune system’s functions. To stay healthy, your body needs natural foods and juice likes Goji to equip the immune system.

5. Goji Juice is mainly grown in two places: Tibet or the Himalaya area. Goji grown in Tibet is often bitter and has inferior benefits when compared to the Himalayan Goji Berry. When you buy your Goji Juice, you will want to ask where the Goji was grown.

6. When you buy Goji, check the company return policy. What happens if you don’t want the Goji Juice after you buy it? What if you drink it and you still want a refund because you aren’t satisfied with it? Very few companies have 100% no risk guarantees, regardless of whether you’ve consumed the Goji Juice or not. If this is important to you, you’d better check the company policy.

You have the inside scoop of common pitfalls and tricks to avoid. Nobody can fool you with any trick or make a penny off your sale unless your trust their Goji Juice and their honesty. However, if you never drink Goji Juice, you’ll never know just how much it can:

  • Help you feel younger
  • Support the health of your body’s cells
  • Support both men’s and women’s health
  • Improve your immune system
  • Increase your cardiovascular health
  • Boost your energy levels and endurance
  • Fight free-radical damage

Why wait? Find out More About Goji Juice or Buy Himalayan Goji Juice Now!

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